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About Us

BURGER & CIE has always been driven by a bold passion to seize opportunities, betting on innovation to develop a unique savoir-faire in the conception of solutions that sublimate outdoor and indoor designs. At BURGER, it starts with the selection of the finest raw materials and the most talented people to create those teams that will help you create signature projects through its exclusive brands.

Global Expansion 

BURGER’s brands are represented through a global network spanning hundreds of partner companies across the world, but 170 years after its first steps, the company finally expands its operations in North America with Grad Concept Inc. in Houston, TX, USA to deliver tailored solutions to our USA/CA customers. 

We’re the only one in the world to make the Grad® system, it is our design, our patent, our core expertise and it is 100% Innovative & Solution-oriented

– With Grad® you can build cladding, decking, rooftops, soffits, fences, louvers

– Grad® can be used with < 20 different wood species including Ipé, bamboo, modified woods

– The clip-on system allows boards to be snapped, not fastened with screws, for easy and fast installation

– No board pre-drilling required, no need to measure gaps between boards to ensure they are even: boards are perfectly aligned and gaps respected in a snap!

– Access the subdeck at anytime with a simple set of keys that removes boards one at a time: easy and safe