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Headquartered on the shores of Lake Superior, Arbor Wood Co. was established in 2012 in partnership with the University of Minnesota’s Natural Resources Research Institute (NRRI). With a wide range of installations throughout North America, Arbor Wood Co. has been a leader in American-Made Thermally Modified Wood products.

What is Arbor Wood?

Arbor Wood is thermally modified wood produced in a specialized, 3-phase kiln chemical free process using only heat and steam.


An initial gradual increase in temperature reduces the equilibrium moisture content (EMC) of the wood.


Phase 2 sees a rapid spike in temperature and is where the magic really happens. The cellular composition of the wood is altered in this high-heat, oxygen-deprived environment which converts the natural acids and sugars so as to no longer be a food source for mold, rot or fungal decay. This change also renders the wood ‘hydrophobic’, meaning it loses much of the natural tendency to absorb water going forward.

As a natural byproduct of the process the wood takes on a richer, dark tone throughout giving it a look similar to that of exotic species. The 3rd and final phase introduces steam to cool the wood down and bring the EMC back up to a suitable level.

Thermal modification is one of the most natural, chemical-free ways to extend the life of wood products

The benefits of using Arbor Wood



The GRAD® Hidden Clip-On System is a simple, fast, and secure method for installing Arbor Wood Co. siding and decking.

The patented rail design creates a natural air gap, eliminating the need for furring strips, while the pre-mounted clips create uniform spacing of boards. The system works great for both vertical and horizontal installations and doesn’t require any pre-drilling or fasteners through the wood. Just simply install the rails then click the boards into place.

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