Grad® : alu rails and joists for cladding & ceiling Our solutions

  • Patented grad clips pre-mounted on aluminum rails
  • Lengths of up to 13', easily cut lengths to size
  • Hidden fasteners all around
  • Rapidly align and fasten to studs
  • Uniform spacing saves time on constant measuring
  • Air gap for true rainscreen performance
  • Removable for easy maintenance
  • Boards can be removed, replaced and updated

Woodhaven Inc / KS - USA

Perfect as a rainscreen system

  • From ½ inch to > 2 inch gaps
  • continuous airflow
  • the thinner the rails the more limited the air flow

Respects the integrity of the building

  • Virtually maintenance-free, not subject to rot, moisture, algae, corrosion, would melt but not burn
  • Air leakage is controlled
  • Aluminum offers stability, durability, strength, stiffness
  • Compatibility ensured with most wooden boards, tropical woods, wpc, and alu tiles

How does it work?What you need to know

  • Apply rails onto the walls: maximum span 19" 11"/16", screw them to the wall every 11", 13"/16"
  • Average rail utilization: 0.61ft of rail / sqft

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