Grad™ : Siding Solutions

  • Save up to 50% installation time with fewer people
  • Installation is easy, simple, and fast
  • 100% hidden fastener solution
  • Boards are straight and gaps are even in a snap
  • Creates a perfect rainscreen system that allows constant air flow

Woodhaven Inc / KS - USA

How does it work?What you need to know

  • Always refer to the latest installation guide for instructions
  • Rails can be fastened over the house wrap or on battens
  • Horizontal for vertical cladding, or vertical for horizontal cladding
  • Follow board manufacturer recommendations for rail spans
  • For use with specially Grad™ grooved boards from our US partners
  • The boards snap on top of the clips
  • Enjoy the results!

Unique Advantages

  • Virtually maintenance-free, high resistance to rot, strong pull-out resistance
  • Aluminum offers stability, durability, strength, stiffness
  • Polyoxymethylene offers strength and flexibility

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