Contractor feedback - Elevated Construction Services LLC

How was working with Woodhaven Inc? Woodhaven was a great partner for us. Shared their knowledge and expertise, helped us with detailing and introduced us to the grad rail system.


What is the first time you used the product?Yes, first time we have used the product.


What did you find challenging about it? There is a bit of a learning curve to your traditional T&G siding, particularly in the layout process there can be little variation in the clip alignment. Once we had a process down it became less of an issue. Definitely more time spent on the subframe install but something we pick up on when it comes to the siding install which is faster. 


What did you like the most about it?For this particular project, there was an architectural requirement that the wall and soffit board joints aligned. I think with traditional T&G siding this would have been difficult to achieve, but with the grad rail the board joints and boards are very precise and made the look all come together. Additionally, if there is board that was damaged it makes the removal and replacement of that cost effective and less time consuming than your traditional T&G.


Easiness /precision of installation?Once layout and install of the rails was worked out the installation of the siding itself was easy and precise. We did have some difficulties on corner conditions, but that is to be expected on any siding installation method.


Anything you want to say? This is an innovate product and in the right hands and project can make the world of difference for installers.


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