Decking & Siding with Dasso XTR

Founded in 1993, the dasso Group is the world leader in the development and production of innovative bamboo products. Headquartered in Hangzhou, China, today the dasso Group has 10 manufacturing facilities and over 1,000 employees, in addition to owning over 2,700 acres of productive, sustainable bamboo forest in China.

For over two decades, the dasso Group has been at the forefront of the development of innovative bamboo products, including bamboo flooring, decking, siding, and furnishings. Dasso and grad are now working together for cladding and decking with sustainable products. 

Siding boards are pre-finished and milled, ready to be used.


Size: 1×6 shiplap


Colors: classic expresso or epic cognac 

Decking boards are pre-finished and milled, ready to be used.


Size: 1×6 T&G decking boards


Colors: classic expresso or epic cognac 

Preston Way
Green Roof Philadelphia

Dasso+grad = an ideal combo

_  NO face screws, no screw plugs

– NO pre-drilling

– boards are ready to be used: no on site extra milling

– NO clips to fasten one by one into furring strips

– install the equivalent of 15 clips within just a few seconds

– simply snap Dasso boards on top of grad clips

– standard pull out resistance: 550 lb

Why do we like Dasso bamboo?

  • Renewability: Bamboo is not a wood, it is a grass. Stems are ready for harvest within 5 years
  • Sustainability: After harvesting the mother plant, new shoots continue to develop from the root system
  • Evenly distributed stresses: In bamboo, there are no rays or knots, which give bamboo a far more evenly distributed stresses throughout its length
  • Fire resistance: class A rated in the USA, WUI compliant

Coherent appearance: Without rays or knots, its natural appearance is smooth and coherent

Dimensional stability: dassoXTR does expand and contract but minimally, which means the product is stable enough to be used indoors.

High wear resistance: its density gives it high wear resistance

Ready-to-go boards: the patented fusion process produces very hard AND very straight boards. No further milling needed. 

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