Grad® pedestals, alu rails & joists, for decking & rooftop Our solutions

  • Patented Grad® Clips are pre-mounted on aluminum rails
  • Lengths of up to 13', easily cut lengths to size
  • Hidden fasteners all around
  • Fasten rails to joists or directly onto hard floors or to Grad pedestals
  • Avoid constant measuring with pre-set clip spacing for perfect board alignment and gaps
  • No screws, no drills, just snap the boards onto the clip
  • Removable boards for easy maintenance and subdeck access
  • Boards are never in direct contact with joists or rails, ensuring ventilation and preventing water damage
  • Only 1 pedestal need for heights up to 15" (excl. decking material)

Woodhaven Inc / KS - USA

Faster, Better, Safer

  • No individual clips to screw = save on time, material, and professional injuries
  • Virtually maintenance-free, not subject to rot, moisture, algae, corrosion
  • Aluminum offers stability, durability, strength, stiffness, is sustainable, and is light to transport and handle on-site

To exceed your needs

  • Can be ideal for temporary utilizations: cafés, restaurants, clubs, or rented places
  • Can be ideal for renovation/remodeling projects: renew your decking material in a snap, just keep the structure
  • Compatibility ensured with most wooden boards, tropical woods, WPC, and many porcelain pavers

How does it work?What you need to know

  • Apply rails directly onto wooden joists, onto a hard, flat surface, or onto pedestals to add height
  • Pedestals can be placed every 25" or more
  • Spanner accessories keep the same span in between the rails
  • Use the top cube accessory for mounting fascia

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