Why should I trust this product?

The Grad system was created in 2006 and has a US patent. We work with large companies on tailor-made projects, with DIY groups, as well as with architects, designers, contractors, and distributors all over the world who recognize our team’s combine over 15+ years of engineering and practical experience to bring the most effective and reliable solutions to the marketplace.



How do I fix the clips onto the aluminum joists?

Grad is a time and money saver. For square installations, you don’t need to fix the clips onto the alu joists because the joists come already equipped with the clips. It is made in-house on an automated machine. Only with special designs and angles might you need to manually add clips.


Do I need to measure gaps between boards and the spacing between the clips?

No. The clips are already set in the right place onto the alu joists so that when you snap the decking/cladding material onto the clips it will be perfectly aligned and gaps between boards will be perfect and equal all around.



What is the loading resistance per ft² and maximum spans between rails?

Joist spans vary upon the loading rate sought, the type of decking/cladding material used, and the type of alu joist needed. PR39 joists can bear 440lb at 25” spans, while PR56 can support the same at 47” maximum, while the ones that are completely flat need to be placed onto a hard surface (joists, concrete, other…).


Yes! 2 solutions: position the alu joists at the required angle and start building your decking, or we will provide an alu joist with clips that can be moved upon the desired angle.


Can I cut the rails to length?

Yes! With the right equipment you can cut the rails easily.


Do I need to screw the alu joists onto the pedestals?

No! The alu joists are snapped onto the pedestals. They have been specially made to work with the Grad system. You cannot use other pedestals with the Grad system without potentially jeopardizing the stability of the structure and cancelling its warranty.


How tall can the pedestals go?

Pedestals can go up to about 15” tall when combined with a set of accessories. No need to get different pedestals to reach different heights, which means you are sure to always have the right equipment with you.


How long is the warranty for?

We offer a 20-year warranty on the Grad structure only (rails, accessories, clips, etc.), The surface material is supplied by others with their corresponding warranties.


Can I use any size of materials and combine different types of materials?

It is possible to combine different types of materials, even different sizes/colours of the same material. We can design aluminium joists that will meet your very specific requirements to help you create the most unique projects in a snap.



Can I use any surface materials I want?

The Grad system is currently compatible with well over 20 different types of surface materials that have been adapted for compatibility with the Grad clip. Additional materials can also be made compatible by their respective vendors.


Can I remove the clips?

Yes! You can remove the clips thanks to a set of specially-designed keys. This manoeuvre should not damage the clips and you will be able to re-use them and to reposition them onto the alu joists.


Can I remove boards?

Yes! Most deck boards and surface materials used in decking can be removed with a set of specially-designed keys. This should not damage either the top surface or the bottom structure of the deck.


Can I do the grooves myself?

Only companies part of our approved list of grad profilers can profile grooves. To create grooves underneath the decking/cladding material, you need a special equipment that has been specifically designed by our engineering team to profile these grooves so that the surface material you intend to use fits with the Grad system.


Can I get the alu joists without the clips?

There isn’t much point to buy the alu joists without the clips, and then the clips individually, because we produce the rails exactly as needed with the clips in the right place. Buying the items separately may not bring the price down especially as it requires much time to set the clips at the right distance.


Are the aluminum joists different if I build a cladding or a decking?

No! The alu joists are the same, but you will obviously use them differently whether it is for cladding or decking, directly onto a hard floor or wall, or over wooden joists or thick sheathing.