Click-in Cladding™ by Kebony North America

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Formerly known as Grad® for Kebony, the Click-in Cladding™ system (CCS) is a new rainscreen system, which was developed in 2021 and launched in the North American market in February 2022.

The system allies Kebony Clear wood with Grad’s mini rails to deliver efficient and unique siding building solutions that are faster to implement while effectively delivering high precision work for either residential or commercial projects

Why should siding installations be time consuming, labor and equipment intensive, or be affected by the absence of skilled labor or supply chain issues?

The 1×6 and 1×8 Kebony™ boards are used with grad® mini rails that were specially created for Kebony. The full system is available from the shelf and need no extra milling, to be more cost effective and go into last-minute projects whether you need it today or in 6 months’ time.

The feedback we get is always positive. From trade shows to projects, builders often love working with the Click-in Cladding™ system.

Fasten the rails first over or across studs, then snap your boards over the clips for the smoothest finish and highest level of details. 

Without board drilling and individual clips to be fastened, some reports indicate that one individual can install 3000SF of grad cladding systems per day, even though they are touching the product for the first time.

Will you take the challenge? 

Different styles, easily built with grad® systems and Kebony wood

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