How does it work?What you need to know

  • Fix the Start Rails onto the structure: use stainless steel screws every 20 inches
  • Snap the boards on top of the clips across the rails

Our recommended products: Mini Rails, Start Rails, PR39

Low Maintenance

  • Extended board longevity: deck boards sit on the clips and are kept ¼ inch away from the beams to help ventilation and extend boards’ life
  • Since boards are not screwed: the boards last longer

Versatility & Trust

  • Boards of different lengths and widths can be combined
  • Rails can be easily cut to length
  • Clips can be positioned at angles if needed
  • Warranty: up to 30 year

Grad®: alu rails for Docks

Increase Performance & Reduce Operational Costs

  • Complete your deck 4x faster
  • Optimize labour’s productivity: a 40ft-length deck can be fully equiped within 1 hour by 2 people
  • Replace boards easily with Grad® keys: 50ft² / person / hour
  • Aluminum & POM: for durability, strength, stiffness, reliability, stability, 100% recyclability
  • Pull-out force: minimum 396lb / 2 clips attachment
  • Clip melting point: 329°F
  • Corrosion resistance, UV stabilized, not affected by algae or moisture

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