grad approved milling partners

Why grad approved milling partners?

To ensure product quality and client satisfaction, Grad Concept inc established its own official milling partner network who have developed machining capabilities to profile boards that meet grad specs. Working with these companies provides you with the confidence you are liaising with professionals who master the process.


grad  approved milling partners supply your local resellers across the United States and Canada. 


Because we are committed to quality, no boards should be profiled at companies who are not listed as officially-approved grad partners.


Profiling at unapproved partners will void grad systems warranty. 

QC at Overseas Hardwoods Company
Profiled grooves at Issaquah Lumber

Who are they?

Currently, only three companies can profile grooves within the United States:

Issaquah Lumber, WA

Wood Haven, Inc. KS

Overseas Hardwoods Company, TX

— Brazilian Lumber, FL

Other companies profile boards outside the USA, but are also grad approved partners:

Kebony North America

Thermory USA 




Testing area, Wood Haven, Inc. KS
Ipe siding by Wood Haven, Inc. KS
C7J boards by Thermory
CCS boards by Kebony

Where to buy?

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