Who are we?

Grad Concept inc: a subsidiary of the BURGER & CIE group and based in Houston, TX, USA. 

Because this is our core product, our expertise, our design and patent: Grad Concept inc is entirely and only dedicated to the distribution of Grad® systems. As we work on introducing new technologies, our approach is therefore two folds: selling and educating the North American market

we sell our products to manufacturers and companies at the industrial level who want to introduce innovative systems into the North American market that will then we channeled through resellers 

we sell to resellers who can combine traditional wood species with our systems, to increase the number of product options so everyone can find what they want

we educate the market: GCs, installers, architects, designers, professional associations… about what our products do, don’t do, what they are used for and how, and where they can get these from, but we don’t sell directly to them

BURGER & CIE is a group of companies based in France. Starting in 1847, today they operate 4 different BU across various industrial sectors with all manufacturing based in Europe:


– pre-fab buildings for both residential and commercial (French  market only): Booa®


– guard railings (European market only): Kordo®


– garden and outdoor furniture (European market only): Jardipolys®


– fastener systems made of aluminum tracks for siding and decking use (global markets): Grad® Systems

Manufacturing units (Liepvre, France)