We are proud to highlight companies who commit like us to quality craftsmanship from the selection of materials to the execution of design. We recognize their talents, we learn from each other, and we believe this is through our collaborations with skilled artisans, specialized dealers, industry experts and manufacturers that we are able to uphold this commitment. 


The beauty of wood, powerfully protected 


What sets CUTEK® Extreme oil apart is it’s ‘self-healing’ action. Once diffused, CUTEK® Extreme will remain permanently mobile in the wood, actively driving out moisture to minimize cupping, warping and splitting, even after being cut or perforated with fasteners. CUTEK® penetrating oils have a 30-year proven track record of standing up to the harshest of Australian and other International environments.


Maison Janneau, a leader in French window craftsmanship for over 50 years, blends tradition with innovation to redefine homes.


The three core values-sustainability, craftsmanship, and innovation-drive Maison Janneau to create luxury windows that elevate aesthetics and functionality. Specializing in steel and wood windows, Maison Janneau is committed to enhancing homes across the United States while maintaining the timeless integrity of French design.

Building is Our Venture, that's why we only aim at delivering the best



Detailed perfection

Moisture Management

Health & Safety 

Versatility of use


Technical support

National partner network  

grad rails are made from 80% recycled aluminum; both POM and aluminum are 100% recyclable

products designed to deliver lasting results

we deliver perfect designs in a snap 

aluminum furring strips help better fight moisture issues

lighter materials to assemble and easier to handle

decking, siding, soffits, accent wall, shiplap, open joint, narrow boards, battens

grad rails can work with different surface materials and be customized for specific projects

in-house support with project design, testing, product and surface material selection, training, and samples

short supply chain, product diversity, and local availability