Grad® : build your own deck

The grad® system comes as an aluminum track (also called rail) pre-fitted with our grad® clips. 


Grad® clips are not made of your traditional plastics. 

Polyoxymethylen (or POM) is an engineering thermoplastic that is often used in the production of ski boots. With great dimensional stability, high mechanical strength and rigidity, corrosion resistance, toughness at low temperature (down to 40 C = 40 F), excellent resistance to moisture, gasoline, solvents and many other chemicals of neutral pH. grad® clips can be used across a wide temperature range (up to +90 C = +195 F). 

POM is a favorite across many fields in the construction industry and is recyclable.

grad® clip

 Rail length: 6ft – 6.5ft 

Why are clips pre-set onto an aluminum track? What does it mean? 


Traditional decking installations use individual clips every 16” that need to be fastened one at a time along each board to secure the deck.  

With grad® the clips are already there and in the right spot, there is no need to use individual clips anymore.  Boards are simply snapped on the clips so you don’t need to fix boards with screws.  


Installation is fast, easy, straight-forward, and leaves no margin for errors.


In most cases, this system requires to use no screws at all. 

ON, Canada
Full system incl. pedestal, PR39 rail, board and keys

The grad pedestal system creates perfect decks and helps correct errors easily and simply because every piece is individually adjustable

The grad® pedestal system basically consists in three main pieces:


— pedestal

— PR39 rail

— boards


The system is entirely modular: it comes as  individual pieces than can be laid out one at a time over the ground as you progress with the deck build


— Rails are snapped over pedestals or pedestals are snapped over rails. No screws needed*

— They are then laid on the ground

— Spacing of rails and pedestals depends on loading rates (50psf, 100psf….)

Not leveled? adjust the height of each pedestal to the 1/32” until the deck is leveled

Need to elevate the deck higher? thanks to accessories each pedestal can be 15” tall

Need to adjust spacings? PR39 rails can be individually moved 

Need to redo the deck? All pieces can be dismantled and teh deck re-built using the same pieces? 

Pedestal system: why choose it?


— Rails are snapped over pedestals

— Boards are snapped over the clips

— Use specially Grad-grooved boards only from our partners

— Snap the boards onto the clips

— Enjoy the results!

— No need to fasten individual clip s anymore

— Build well and faster with minimum effort 

Rails are simply used just like normal joists and their span span follows standard local/state/federal building code. Check our installation guide for more details.



Top Link connectors: to lay 2 PR39 rails one after another


— Spanners: stiffen the structure and create a grid system


— Boosters and Stiffeners: make pedestals taller and more stable especially at heights 


Fascia: with top cubes


Keys: to remove boards and access te subdeck whenever necessary, without damaging boards


Rails must be parallel to each other and the clips from one rail to the other must be aligned.


There is no need to use one rail per board! Use rails just like you would use 2x joists.  

How to build fascia with the floating deck?

Using Top Cubes and accessories you can build fascia that use the same boards as the ones used for the deck. 


The system is for different applications:


— narrow boards

— wide boards

— breaker boards

— picture frames

— elevated decks

— platform decks


What type of deck can I build? 


— floating deck

— rooftop deck

— platform deck 

What surface can I build onto?:


— over gravel or compacted grounds, over dirt or grass*

— over concrete floors, on a rooftop, balcony*

— over EPDM, TPO, or any other waterproof membranes*

— to cover old slabs or tiles*



  • *always follow installation guidelines and local/state/federal building code standards