Build with grad: why?

Adaptive Reuse and Renovation

One same rail can be used to build cladding, decks, soffits, docks, fences, indoor wall panelling… with the same or different surface materials. 

Using different rails system to use is straightforward, rendering various styles with the same product is feasible,  and installation is simplified.

— all rails are made of the same aluminum, with the same clips

— all rails can be used with the same surface materials

— all rails can be used for all purposes: walls, soffits, decks…

— all rails can be customized (only at manufacturing time, not on site) to deliver the exact style required on your project 
— thanks to our dismantling keys, decking and open joint cladding boards can be usually removed and updated no matter where they are on the deck, and the subdeck can be accessed at all times. Nothing gets damaged in the process
Clips can be removed but not moved along the rails. Their positioning is fixed and cannot be altered on site, only at manufacturing time in our factory. 

Sustainable Design and Green Architecture

  • Energy Efficiency:

    • The Grad Rail System utilizes advanced technologies and materials that enhance energy efficiency. This includes lightweight materials for construction that reduce energy consumption.
  • Reduced Environmental Impact:

    • By containing up to 80% recycled aluminum  the Grad rails meet green objectives 
    • The Grad Rail System helps reduce carbon emissions and helps limit energy uses to produce new aluminum bars
    • Aluminum has a long life span, is extremely durable, and can always be recycled
  • Integration with Green Spaces:

    • Sustainable architecture often includes integrating green spaces into urban designs. The Grad Rail System can be designed to build many types of outdoor installations using only one product for to build everything while being infinitely recyclable
ON, Canada


Say goodbye to nail popping, distorted looks, water traps, or lack of moisture control.


Because we use great quality materials, Grad products are extremely resistant to corrosion, fire, insect attacks, and rot. The system works perfectly across a wide temperature range of use. 


Boards can be subject to quick deterioration due to dampness but because boards sit on our clips, there is no contact between grad aluminum joists/rails and the boards, which helps prevent water traps and cupping. In siding applications: water drops easily and for decking applications: boards never touch joists.

Start Rails are wider than joists and can protect them better to keep them away from water: less need for joist tape.


The clips are made of material that does not fear humidity. They will not become brittal, and will keep their elasticity as they remain hidden below the boards and are kept away from UV light.


For vertical cladding (requiring rails to be fastened horizontally across studs): no 2 rails are ever fastened one after one: there is always a gap between two rails meaning that water would thin out before dropping down this gap.


Rails can be applied directly onto the prepared wall for vertical cladding, the rails have been profiled so that to ensure minimum water retention and to let water flow down. It is also important to note that walls are rarely straight and very often, when rails are applied on walls, there is gap between the rails and the wall they are on.

Ventilation: when anchored onto the clips, each board is sitting onto the clip, never directly onto the ground or the joists themselves

Durability: alu rails don’t warp, do not absorb moisture, are more resistant to corrosion (but cannot be in constant contact with salt water), do not fear insects, moss, algae, UV, and remain stable overtime unlike PT


Grad® clips are hidden under the boards and do not damage boards before their first utilization, they will not create splinters or water traps unlike board pre-drilling would do.


Grad® rails are light and easy to carry and ship.


No screws, no drilling = smoother and safer surface all around for enhanced board durability.


Rails are laid over joists of the decking frame and therefore rails cover the joists, protecting them better from rain water while letting them breathe = helps enhance joists durability and requires much less joist tape.


In most cases, boards are not fastened with screws or do not need screws to be fastened on the rails = only rails are fastened to joists. Rails use 2.5 times less screws than hastening each board individually with screws.


Less screws to use, less drilling to do, easier installation, less equipment to handle.

Raleigh, NC


Grad works closely with US-based partners known for their knowledge, market experience, quality products, and great service to attend all your requirements.


— we’re not just one company but teams
— local and national product availability 
— short supply chains 
— technical support and installation guides 
— tailor-made solutions for your specific projects
OHC in Lufkin, TX


Care for the planet,and people, with long lasting designs


The tracks are made of 80% recycled aluminum and are 100% recyclable.


Whenever possible, the clips are made of recycled material, but are also 100% recyclable.


Since clips and tracks can be easily separated: recycling is easier.