Decking with the Grad System

PR39 Decking

The most suitable wood products from the sustainable forests has gained a new long-lasting and high-performance aesthetic dimension with Tantimber quality in terraces, gardens, bathrooms, walkways and Lanscaping.

Cladding with the Grad System

Pine Cladding

Cladding products add a substantial value adding to the buildings. Tantimber claddings, which have a high aesthetic size as well as high strength, also provide insulation, maximize the value of the building.

PR39 Rail for decking


- Save up to 50% installation time with fewer people
- Installation is easy, simple, and fast
- 100% hidden fastener solution
- Boards are straight and gaps are even in a snap

Start Rail for Cladding


- Virtually maintenance-free, high resistance to rot, strong pull-out resistance
- Aluminum offers stability, durability, strength, stiffness
- Polyoxymethylene offers strength and flexibility

TanTimber & Grad® Working together

Tantimber is a well-known and preferred brand in many countries when it comes to wooden products. Advanced production lines with high-level manufacturing criterias in global standards; the product quality that functions in all qualities such as endurance, sustainability, innovative production concept and intensed design line constitutes the framework of the Tantimber brand value.

Tantimber decking and cladding products, which are available in several different species, are subjected to high-quality thermal modification at international standards. Thus, products gain endurance to all climate and weather conditions.

The Grad® rails and hidden fasteners enables Tantimber to offer many cost and time efficiencies in installation.