Press and Click System (PaCS) from Thermory

Since 2010, PaCS (Press and Click System) product ranges combine high-quality Thermory thermowood with the unique installation systems designed by Grad. 

PaCS encompasses decking, soffits, and siding solutions and offers easy, simple, fast, durable, and cost effective building solutions.

In North America, Thermory boards are pre-grooved to be used with grad® mini rails, PaCS strips, and PaCS battens. For siding and soffits applications, boards are simply snapped over grad® clips for a seamless look. 


The installation is fast, easy, accessible to first-time users, and delivers perfect rainscreens or open-joints systems whether you’re looking to create a facade envelope that protects walls or simply add designer accent walls. 

Looking to build over a deck frame, or over epdm, tpo, waterproof membrane, on a rooftop, or to cover old slabs or tiles?


Over wooden joists on a deck frame: Thermory boards are easily used with strip clips or rails that are laid over joists, before boards are snapped into place.

With pedestals: use boards with our PR39 rails. They are load-bearing joists that replace the need for a deck frame.


Different styles, easily built with grad® systems and Thermory wood

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